Albert Goodman File Uploader


Please Read all of these instructions before proceeding to get a full understanding of how this system works.

  1. Firstly make sure that your file is in ZIP format, if you are unsure on how to do this please see below.
  2. Optionally, you can fill in the Your Name, Business and Recipients fields to make the system automatically notify the recipient.
  3. Click on the upload button below.
  4. Select the ZIP file to upload and press OK - the website will automatically start to upload the file to our secure server.
  5. Once the upload is complete, you will be given details about your upload.
  6. Now you can either upload another file, or close the webpage.

Your Name and Business:
Recipients Email Address:
Only ZIP Files are accepted

How do I ZIP a file?

Zipping a file is extremely easy, follow the steps below to do this.
  1. Firstly, find the file you want to ZIP.
  2. Right click on the file and goto:
    1. Send To
    2. Compressed Zipped Folder
  3. A new file will appear in the same location as the orignal - this is the file you want to upload.
Please Note:
You can ZIP muliple files at once by using the same method above by selecting more than one file, or you can right click on a folder to zip the whole folder and its entire contents all at once.